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We Know Beauty

Eyelid Surgery Offers Great Results Alone or with Another Procedure

Women or men seeking a youthful transformation may come to We Know Beauty in Beverly Hills for eyelid surgery consultation. The upper and lower eyelids can reveal our true age and even age us far past our years, something that the board-certified plastic surgeons hope to correct through eyelid surgery (also known as blepharoplasty). During this procedure, excess fat, skin, and muscle are removed from the upper and/or lower eyelid. This reduces puffiness and wrinkling in the area, providing a fresher look around the patient's eye. Examples of the dramatic results achieved by We Know Beauty can be seen above in the Gallery menu for those who are considering the procedure and want more of an idea of what the surgery can achieve.

The blepharoplasty provides incredible results on its own; however, many who come to We Know Beauty are interested in combining the procedure with another rejuvenating operation like a Botox injection, a neck lift, or a facelift in Beverly Hills. These other alternatives help provide a much more effective outcome. Of course, your board certified plastic surgeon will make a recommendation based off of their experience, your desired outcome, and other factors like recovery time and budget.

We Know Beauty provides a complimentary consultation for anybody considering a plastic surgery procedure like eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. During this meeting, you'll be paired with a surgical concierge who will help you discuss your options, help you discover the best doctor for your surgical goals, and will handle any additional details that may arise. Give We Know Beauty a call!

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