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Gummy Bear Breast Implant

How is the gummy bear breast implant different from other silicone implants or from saline implants? The gummy bear breast implant, which was approved by the FDA in early 2012, is made of semi-solid, form-holding cohesive silicone gel. The nickname “gummy bear” was given to the implant by one of the first surgeons to conduct the gummy bear implant surgeries during the clinical trials. The label seemed appropriate because upon being cut in half, the material still holds its shape. The board-certified surgeons of We Know Beauty are pleased to offer these cohesive breast implants as an option for breast augmentation.

Women who received the surgeries during the trial period are happy with the results of the gummy bear breast implant. They are pleased with the way the pair feels under the breast, as opposed to other implants that feel artificial. These innovative implants are soft and supple, yet firm to the touch, providing the texture and shape women want from a breast enhancement procedure. There have not been a great number of cases reported in which the gummy bear breast implants have ruptured. Unlike liquid-based implants, this semi-solid material is less likely to fold or ripple, maintaining a natural shape and feel. While gummy bear breast implants cost more than other implants, many women realize that the expenditure is worth the durability and natural sensation and feel these implants provide.

The surgeons of We Know Beauty possess comprehensive knowledge regarding the latest innovations in breast augmentation. Whether a patient seeks a breast augmentation to increase cup size, equalize the size of the breasts, or to reverse an undesirable augmentation from another physician, our surgeons will advise the best course of action for your procedure.

Contact the cosmetic surgery professionals at We Know Beauty today to arrange a complimentary consultation, 310-300-1500.

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