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We Know Beauty

Inverted Nipple Correction

We Know Beauty is here to provide world class plastic and cosmetic surgery for all types of procedures, including inverted nipple correction. Inverted nipples are a relatively common phenomenon that has many causes and which presents in both women and men, though some 10-20 percent of women are believed to be born with some form of the issue.

In some cases inverted nipples may present relatively few problems and the nipples may appear during stimulation. In other cases, they nipple may never appear and a number of physical problems may develop quite apart from the aesthetic and psychological aspects of the condition. Many patients may therefore seek out inverted nipple correction. This can be a somewhat delicate procedure and the widely respected board certified plastic surgeons of We Know Beauty are some of the best doctors on the West Coast for all kinds of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

Inverted nipples have many causes ranging from simple genetics to breastfeeding, pregnancy, breast cancer, infections, gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts) and several other conditions. In some cases trauma, including a botched breast augmentation, can lead to inverted nipples. In these cases in particular, the doctors of We Know Beauty are highly experienced at breast implant revision aimed at correcting mistakes other doctors may have made. Breast implant rupture is another frequent cause of breast surgery revisions.

Whether you are interested in inverted nipple correction or any type of cosmetic or plastic surgery, the widely respected plastic surgeons of We Know Beauty may be the best choice there is. To inquire about a complimentary initial consultation, please call our phone number or visit our contact page.

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