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Botched Breast Implant

The term "botched breast implant" may seem harsh, but the reality is that every woman who chooses a breast augmentation has the right to be happy with the results of her procedure. The good news is that the outstanding plastic surgeons of We Know Beauty can usually correct plastic surgery that has been mishandled in one way or another. Our nationally respected expert doctors are able to revise and transform the work of lesser hands into results of which breast augmentation patients can truly be proud.

The reasons for a breast implant revision are highly varied. Women are sometimes unhappy with the position or the size of the implant. On some occasions, a revision may be necessary to prevent a breast implant rupture. A badly botched breast implant could be rippling, uneven, or could look wholly unnatural. In some cases, implant rejection and improper nipple placement can cause great heartache. Whatever the situation, the highly experienced practitioners of We Know Beauty know how to correct the issues that can result from poorly performed breast implant operations.

The doctors of We Know Beauty have immense experience performing breast augmentation revision surgery; they are familiar with just about every form of botched breast implant that exists. Our patients come from all over the country to benefit from the skill, experience, and surgical artistry of some of the nation’s finest practitioners.

Of course, breast augmentation and revision are just some of the many procedures performed by We Know Beauty doctors. Our doctors are expert innovators who can bring you the benefit of the very latest techniques in facelifts, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, body contouring, blepharoplasty, and other cosmetic or reconstructive procedures.

For more information on breast implant revision with We Know Beauty, please call us at 310-300-1500 for a complimentary consultation, or visit our online appointment request page.

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