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Breast Implant Rupture

Experiencing a breast implant rupture after an augmentation procedure can be an especially upsetting and disappointing experience. When it happens, the first-rate plastic surgeons of We Know Beauty are ready to address the situation. Our renowned, board certified plastic surgeons are experts in all types of breast implant revision and are prepared to make whatever changes may be needed to provide patients with lasting results.

A breast implant rupture can present in a number of fashions, and implants are not guaranteed to last a lifetime. Sometimes, they may all but unnoticeable “silent” ruptures which are often treated simply by keeping an eye on the breasts and noting any changes. Other ruptures might result in a number of symptoms including discomfort, swelling, and changes in the size, shape, or firmness of the breast. In this case, most patients will opt for a breast augmentation revision procedure.

As some of the top plastic surgeons currently working in Southern California, the outstanding physicians of We Know Beauty are extremely familiar with the corrective procedures that are needed when an implant outlives its usefulness. This usually involves, as you might imagine, removing the older implant and replacing it with a new one.

At We Know Beauty, we do our best to ensure that breast implants last as long as possible, but we also provide the kind of ongoing care necessary to make sure that whatever issues arise are handled in a timely and effective manner. Breast implants may not last forever, but the care of an outstanding doctor will ensure the results you hoped for when you first obtained your augmentation procedure.

If you are concerned about a possible breast implant rupture or other issue, or if you’d like to obtain a new plastic surgery, we are looking forward to hearing from you. For a complimentary consultation with We Know Beauty, please visit our contact page today.

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