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Breast Augmentation Revision

When women are unhappy with the results of their breast augmentation surgery, they turn to a skilled plastic surgeon, like the aesthetically minded physicians at We Know Beauty, to correct the appearance of her breasts. Common reasons for breast augmentation revision include:

  • General unhappiness with the shape of a woman's breast augmentation (perhaps the implant sits too high on the chest or the woman wants a larger implant).
  • Correcting a careless doctor's botched breast implant surgery to what it should have looked like in the first place. This includes breasts that have an unnatural look, are rippling, are uneven in size or shape, and related concerns.
  • Breast implant revision when old implants have reached the end of their product life.
  • Treating medical complications as a result of the breast implant, including capsular contracture and normalizing the appearance of the nipple.

The board certified plastic surgeons at We Know Beauty believe that a woman should be happy with the look and feel of her breasts, especially after an augmentation procedure. This is the crux of breast augmentation revision; an inadequate procedure shouldn't make a woman suffer physical or psychological pain. Our breast augmentation and breast augmentation revision procedures are unsurpassed in their quality and will restore any woman's confidence.

Located at multiple locations around Southern California, the doctors and staff of We Know Beauty include some of the best plastic surgeons in the country. Dr. Maher M. Anous, Dr. Andrew T. Cohen, Dr. Richard Hodnett, and Dr. Louis Mandris lead the team at We Know Beauty, providing compassionate and premium assistance to those who seek it.

For a complimentary consultation about breast augmentation or another procedure, don't hesitate to contact We Know Beauty. Our phone number is 310-300-1500 and we can also be reached via our contact page.


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