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We Know Beauty

Butt Lift Before and After

At We Know Beauty, we understand that the decision to undergo a life-changing cosmetic surgery such as a buttock enhancement is never taken lightly. Fortunately, our expert surgeons are able to put every patient at ease by addressing every concern they may present, and even providing butt lift before and after photos that illustrate the amazing effects of the procedure when performed at We Know Beauty.

Our butt lift before and after photos indicate the precision of our credentialed, top-ranked surgeons in performing the procedure, as well as their artistic sense and ability to create stunningly beautiful curves. In performing butt lift, our surgeons offer fat grafting from other areas of the body, often known as Brazilian buttock augmentation. The procedure involves harvesting portions of excess fat through liposuction, purifying the cells, and then introducing droplet-sized amounts of the fat to the muscles and tissues of the buttocks.

During the butt lift recovery period, We Know Beauty surgeons usually suggest avoiding sitting directly on the hindquarters for the first three weeks. However, after two weeks, common daily activities can usually be performed. In every case, you can rest assured that recovery time will be as efficient as possible under the care of our empathetic physicians.

If you’re interested in butt lift or any other procedures from We Know Beauty, contact us today for a complimentary consultation. One of our surgeons will answer any questions you have, and even show you Butt Lift before and after photos to give you a sense of what to expect from the procedure.

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