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Facelift Before After

Our faces begin to show signs of aging as we go about the business of living. Exposure to various weather conditions, daily habits such as smoking, or prolonged stress drastically impacts the look of our skin over time. When these signs arise, many people opt for different rejuvenation processes. The talented board-certified surgeons of We Know Beauty offer facelift options appropriate for each candidate. When potential clients view the facelift before and after photos on our website, they are often awe-struck by the positive physical changes that take place with each of our facelift procedures.

In some cases, our non invasive face lift, which utilizes a combination of Botox and fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm or Radiessen, will bring about the desired improvements. In other instances, surgical facelifts performed by one of our We Know Beauty surgeons will usher in the dramatic changes men and women with sagging skin hope for. Our doctors and staff take the greatest care with all patients, from the time of consultation to the actual surgery. The surgeon might suggest facial implants or a redistribution of fat to restructure the face. All recommendations are guided by knowledge and expertise so that the patient will see undeniably natural-looking results when looking at their facelift before and after pictures. Our natural facelift services may consist of a combination of face lift, neck lift, and/or belphroplasty procedures. When possible, our expert surgeons will suggest local anesthesia, as opposed to general anesthesia. This would result in a quicker facelift recovery for patients. We Know Beauty surgeons will be sure to cover all of the options suitable for individual clients.

Perhaps one of the most striking improvements that can be seen in a We Know Beauty patient’s facelift before and after pictures is the obvious lift in their spirits following the facelift. Indeed, the physical improvement have also effected a positive change inwardly, as the facelift client feels happier and more confident after partnering with We Know Beauty.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our trusted surgeons, please call 310-300-1500 or visit our online appointment request page.

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