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Facelift Surgeon

A knowledgeable, trusted facelift surgeon will not always recommend intensive plastic surgery for renewing the face. Some patients do not require extreme surgical procedures to rejuvenate facial features. For some, effective natural facelift processes such as Botox and facial fillers are appropriate methods for rejuvenation of the visage. A good facelift surgeon advises the patient that there is no need to take surgical measures when these non-invasive treatments suffice. The board certified physicians of We Know Beauty will recommend the facelift procedures that are right for you.

A non invasive face lift is performed at our clinic in approximately an hour. This is why Botox and filler treatments have been referred to as lunchtime facelifts, because the treatment can be effectively administered over the course of a lunch hour. The We Know Beauty staff correctly adjusts the levels of leading fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse to appropriately target the wrinkles and fine lines that come with age and stress. Botox injections are often employed to inhibit the movement of muscles which form forehead creases and marionette or smile lines around the mouth. Fillers, especially when used in conjunction with Botox, bring improvements to the face that may last up to a year. These natural facelift injections save time and do not require the sort of facelift recovery that comes with surgical facelift. We invite women of varying ages in need of facial rejuvenation to discuss their expectations with a We Know Beauty board-certified facelift surgeon.

Call We Know Beauty today at 310-300-1500 to schedule a complimentary consultation. You may also visit our online appointment request page.

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