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We Know Beauty

Mini Facelift in Beverly Hills

At We Know Beauty, world-recognized network of top plastic surgeons operating out of Southern California, we truly believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to plastic surgery. This means that our world-class surgeons offer a wide-range of options for any of our clients hoping to reclaim youth, beauty, and confidence that they feel has been lost. One such procedure available from We Know Beauty is the mini face lift surgery, which is also known to as the weekend facelift, the lifestyle lift, and the quick lift.

As opposed to traditional facelift surgery, the mini facelift serves as a less-invasive alternative. Many patients who opt for the mini facelift through Beverly Hills-based We Know Beauty choose it because it can sometimes be performed under local anesthesia and offer a speedier recovery time. The doctors of We Know Beauty will recommend the mini facelift surgery for patients who simply don't need a full facelift (typically, the mini facelift will not include a neck lift, for instance). Alternatively, the mini face lift may be also recommended for patients who have tried non-surgical injections like Botox or Radiesse and would like a more permanent anti-aging solution.

Aesthetically-Minded and Experienced Surgeons

The board certified plastic surgeons who work under the We Know Beauty name believe in natural looking mini face lift results that respect and enhance a person's inherent beauty. These doctors all have a stunning portfolio of patients who have had a mini face lift in Beverly Hills and boast dramatic and revitalizing before and after results. They're also more than happy to share their certifications and testimonials from past patients, both of which attest to the compassionate and knowledgeable nature of the We Know Beauty team.

A mini facelift from a We Know Beauty surgeon can entail any number of procedures to enhance facial aesthetics, most commonly including a midface lift, eyelid lift, and forehead lift surgery in Beverly Hills. Recommended procedures that will augment your results may also be performed simultaneously, depending on the patient's wishes. These can include the use of rhinoplasty, facial fillers, laser resurfacing and more to get you the results you deserve. Nonetheless, you can be assured that your surgeon will use a deliberate touch that ultimately compliments the symmetry and beauty of your finest features.

Comfortable, Complimentary Consultations

We Know Beauty's ultimate goal is to combine effective and gorgeous plastic surgery results with concierge-style service. What this means is that, from the moment you step through the doors of the We Know Beauty office, you'll be fully taken care of. This starts with a comfortable, absolutely free consultation on a mini facelift in Beverly Hills where your concerns and desired results will be openly and compassionately discussed. Then, all necessary follow-ups and check-ups will be scheduled in line with your schedule so that your surgery goes according to plan.

Furthermore, the We Know Beauty staff will book your surgery at one of the best hospitals in the region, ensuring world-class care. Any discrete transportation and post-operation lodging accommodations can also be arranged, reducing any worry and stress so that you can truly focus on your recovery. We'll then keep in contact regularly to make sure that your results are the best they can be.

Contact us online or by calling 310-300-1500 to learn more about the mini facelift with We Know Beauty.

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