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We Know Beauty

Mommy Makeover Pictures

The very visible results of We Know Beauty procedures are evident in the mommy makeover pictures on our website. The mothers who embraced a mommy makeover from one of our board certified surgeons are thrilled with the outcomes of their comprehensive makeovers.

Sometimes, the frustrating side-effects of child-bearing aren’t just limited to postpartum blues. Many new mothers, although radiant in the glow of new motherhood, are frustrated by the effects pregnancy has had on their bodies. They wanted to enhance their lives by adding to the family, but didn’t want to sacrifice the figure they worked so hard to achieve through months or years of exercising and eating properly. We Know Beauty offers mothers opportunities to turn back the clock through the mommy makeover, rejuvenating their bodies post-pregnancy.

What is a mommy makeover? As offered by We Know Beauty, it is a combination of surgical procedures that will renew a woman’s body after pregnancy. The beautiful results of our surgical plans are reflected in the We Know Beauty mommy makeover pictures. Our surgeons may recommend a tummy tuck or breast lift in conjunction with other surgeries. Some women feel that breastfeeding has negatively impacted the look or even the size of their breasts and are ready for an augmentation. You may discuss your thoughts with your surgeon, emphasizing the areas you would most like to improve. Our surgeons also perform a thorough evaluation to make their own advisements. Patients are astounded when viewing their mommy makeover before and after photos. Take a look at other mommy makeover pictures, and you will see how the combination procedures restore the female form.

To discuss the aspects of your mommy makeover, contact We Know Beauty today to set up a complimentary consultation, 310-300-1500. You may also visit our online appointment request page.

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