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Plastic Surgery After Bariatric Surgery

More and more, people are inquiring at We Know Beauty regarding the need for plastic surgery after bariatric surgery. While it’s not a certainty that people who have a weight a loss procedure will want surgery after weight loss, it is nevertheless a good idea to explore your options even before having the weight loss procedure. The idea is to be prepared should you need follow-up plastic surgery after bariatric surgery.

The reason so many We Know Beauty patients are interested in plastic surgery after gastric bypass procedures, for example, is that the rapid weight losses which often ensue in the wake of successful surgeries can sometimes result in unsightly and uncomfortable flaps of excess skin. The body contouring procedure to get rid of the skin and the excess fat deposits that go with it is typically referred to as a tummy tuck but is known medically as abdominoplasty. It is also commonly performed following a pregnancy, the most common time when the human body experiences a large and rapid weight loss.

There are, of course, subtle but important differences between a tummy tuck performed on a woman after pregnancy and plastic surgery after bariatric surgery, but it’s not always easy to say what those might be. That’s why it’s important that you consult with one of the outstanding board certified plastic surgeons of We Know Beauty. You should do so before your bariatric surgery if possible, but definitely if you’ve already had a bariatric procedure and are now interested in plastic surgery after weight loss.

For more information on body contouring procedures from the widely respected physicians of We Know Beauty, call us at 310-300-1500 to inquire about a complementary initial consultation. In addition, you may wish to visit our online appointment request page.

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