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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Surgery

The dramatic weight losses that often follow bariatric surgery nevertheless can sometimes have a disconcerting side effect: unsightly and uncomfortable folds of loose skin and fatty tissue due to a significant weight loss. Fortunately, the outstanding physicians of We Know Beauty are all expert in the ins and outs of plastic surgery after weight loss surgery. They have performed countless body contouring operations and tummy tucks – known medically as abdominoplasty operations – on men and women from all walks of life who have struggled in the wake of a significant weight loss.

The ongoing revolution in bariatric surgery appears to be a godsend for individuals who have struggled with their weight for years but have found that increased exercise and reduced calorie diets have been ineffective. Still, no medical procedure is without issues, and many patients feel the need for plastic surgery after gastric bypass and other weight loss operations. Of course, not all body contouring operations performed by the board certified surgeons of We Know Beauty are examples of plastic surgery after weight loss. Very often, large folds of skin can result from large weight losses that may follow pregnancy and, in some instances, highly successful regimens of exercise and reduced calorie diets.

Regardless of whether it’s a case of a plastic surgery after weight loss surgery or some other event, the widely regarded surgeons of We Know Beauty are highly practiced experts who understand the ins and outs of surgery after weight loss. They rank among the finest plastic surgeons in the highly competitive Southern California area.

For more information on Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss Surgery or another type of dramatic weight loss, please contact our offices for a complementary initial consultation. Just dial 310-300-1500 or visit our online appointment request page.

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