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Tummy Tuck Recovery

Tummy tuck recovery can take up to a period of several weeks. Daily maintenance is required of the patient, but We Know Beauty surgeons and their supportive medical teams will provide detailed instructions to maximize the client’s wellbeing during the recovery process. While a certain level of discomfort follows every tummy tuck surgery, the We Know Beauty clinics make all of the necessary recommendations to minimize any personal distress and to accelerate healing.

Following the tummy tuck, or, abdominoplasty, as the procedure is called by physicians, the patient will experience swelling in the first days. The compression garment reduces the swelling and provides extra support to the abdominal area as the incision heals. Tubes may have been inserted to assist in the drainage that will occur in the first few days. Twenty-four hours following surgery, the patient may remove the outer dressings and shower, although he or she should avoid baths for a matter of weeks. While the gauze may be removed, the patient should be sure to keep the skin tapes that are on top of the surface in place. These strips will fall off in time. The patient may feel somewhat uneasy in the initial stage of tummy tuck recovery, but We Know Beauty suggests appropriate ways to sit and stand to lessen the discomfort. The patient should remain off work until the surgeon says it is safe to resume work duties and standard household activities. Tummy tuck recovery takes varying amounts of time, but the patient is rewarded with tummy tuck before and after pictures depicting a striking comparison between the pre-surgery stomach and the tight, attractive post-surgery torso delivered by We Know Beauty.

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