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Tummy Tuck Scars

In order to achieve a tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon performing the abdominoplasty must make an incision. While the surgical experts of We Know Beauty aim at delivering a tummy tuck with no obvious scarring, the plastic surgeon will address tummy tuck scars at the time of consultation and in pre-op meetings. The goal for the tummy tuck is minimal marks and a toned stomach. However, the issue of tummy tuck scarring is not a topic that is brushed over; rather, it is openly addressed by the physicians. We Know Beauty introduces the tummy tuck patient to the best plastic surgeons who deal with all aspects of the procedures honestly.

With any invasive cosmetic surgery, the patient is at risk for some level of plastic surgery scars. During tummy tuck, the surgeon makes two incisions at the patient’s abdominal area, while the mini tummy tuck is accomplished with one incision. The We Know Beauty surgeon will apply an exacting touch for beautiful results with barely visible marks. Tummy tuck scars does seem like too strong of a phrase to associate with the tiny markings that the person is left with following surgery. What’s more, We Know Beauty patients are happy to trade in a flabby, out-of-shape belly for a flat stomach with a subtle mark. Following surgery, tummy tuck scars at the incision points might be visible, but they will fade with time.

We Know Beauty invites those considering a tummy tuck to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our leading plastic surgeons. Call 310-300-1500 today to be referred to the plastic surgeon that is right for you.

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