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Liposuction Recovery

Many medical officials profess that liposuction recovery takes place in the first few days following surgery, with the patient able to return to work and ready to resume regular household duties. In some cases, it is necessary for the patient to rest for an additional length of time. There are important guidelines and tips that may accelerate and simplify the We Know Beauty patient’s liposuction recovery.

In the first hours following liposuction, it is essential to take proper care of oneself. The We Know Beauty surgeon who carries out the liposuction procedure will advise the client not to drive following the surgery, as the effects of anesthesia will take some time to dissipate. It is not only standard protocol, but necessary to have a driver on stand-by to transport the patient to the comfort of his or her home when the surgery is complete. Over the next few days, the treated areas may appear red and feel bruised. If saline solution is injected during liposuction, the portions of skin that were targeted may continue to drain. Swelling might make it difficult to observe the results of liposuction in the first several days, and compression garments might be recommended to speed up recovery. The We Know Beauty team might suggest pain medications to reduce the bruised sensations of larger treatment areas. In the liposuction testimonials of past patients posted on the website, people attest to the supportiveness of the We Know Beauty specialists during the liposuction recovery period. After the patient is finished recuperating, the client will have liposuction before and after photos to evaluate the effectiveness of their surgery.

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