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We Know Beauty

Liposuction Testimonials

Potential clients of We Know Beauty will find great incentive to obtain the liposuction procedure when reading the liposuction testimonials on our web site. Our patients of the past who have improved their figure through liposuction share their stories on the We Know Beauty website. In working with a surgeon of We Know Beauty, the patient who has failed to lose their love handles or other flabby pockets through dieting and exercise can once again enjoy a pleasingly contoured shape. One day in the near future, this liposuction recipient will also be able to share their positive liposuction testimonials with those that struggle with obesity.

During liposuction, portions of fat are suctioned from the target areas of the We Know Beauty patient’s body. The doctors at our medical practice who routinely perform liposuction will recommend Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) or Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (U.A.L), depending on the individual. With P.A.L., a long tube called the cannula is utilized by the surgeon to disassemble and efficiently remove the fat cells. U.A.L. is a similar removal process, except for the fact that the elimination of the cells is guided by sound waves, enabling the physician to remove fat from fibrous areas. This type of liposuction effectively tends to the loose skin of the abdomen, which is known to be an especially difficult area. Liposuction recovery usually takes place in a matter of days, allowing the patient to return to work and resume most normal activities. Compression garments may help speed up recovery. Liposuction before and after pictures on the website display the radical improvements that come with liposuction from We Know Beauty’s surgical masters. These photos also stand as liposuction testimonials.

For more information regarding liposuction from We Know Beauty, call 310-300-1500 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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