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Learn More about Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

The eye area is a delicate hodgepodge of tissues, tendons, ligaments, skin, and arteries and nerves. This is why it's important, when considering an eyelid surgery (also known as a blepharoplasty), to not settle for anything less than the best. For those near Beverly Hills, eyelid surgery with We Know Beauty is exactly that; the medical network is aligned with top-notch, board-certified physicians who are experts and innovators in their field. These experienced surgeons will recommend an eyelid surgery that will have the greatest effect on your appearance, which may include upper or lower blepharoplasty or a combination of the two.

An upper eyelid procedure removes excess skin and fat from the area. This superfluous tissue can make people look less alert, appear older or angry, and even impede vision if droopy enough. The results of upper eyelid surgery are typically amazing and the doctors at We Know Beauty are master craftsmen, making sure the results are beautiful and that any scarring is minimal and hidden in the natural crease of the eye. Using the same approach they take to a facelift, the Beverly Hills-based board certified physicians always go with a natural look, staying far away from the pulled back, artificial look.

Lower eyelid surgery is not always done in conjunction with the upper eyelid blepharoplasty. It's best performed to remove under-eye bags caused by too much fat in the area, though it can also treat excess skin and wrinkling. It can also be corrective for those who have lost tautness in the area and are currently unhappy with the droopiness of their lower eyelids. The two procedures can be performed together or with another procedure like a nose job in Beverly Hills. Your We Know Beauty plastic surgeon will make recommendations for what will get the best results and you'll be on your way to natural-looking beauty in no time.

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