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Breast Reduction

Why a Breast Reduction?

If you’ve arrived at this page by searching online about a breast reduction, you’re probably not looking for a discount, one-size-fits-all breast reduction that might leave you worse off than when you started. At We Know Beauty, performing revision breast surgery as often as we do keeps us keenly aware of the ways in which these surgeries can go wrong. When the patient isn’t treated with the requisite care and individual attention of top plastic surgeons lesser surgeons can make mistakes.

You may be suffering from back and neck pain or other medical drawbacks of oversized breasts such as interference with daily activities. If so, your breast reduction may be covered by PPO insurance.

Breast reduction surgery involves a specific kind of tissue removal. To what degree skin must be removed, the nipple must be reoriented, and fat should be suctioned out create an almost unlimited series of variables ensuring that, if done right, your breast surgery will be uniquely your own. This may involve multiple procedures, strictly speaking. This article focuses on breast reduction. View plenty of breast reduction before after photos before your operation and show your doctor the results you’re looking for in order to help him decide on the best course of action.

What a Breast Reduction Consists of

If your doctor has made the determination that only a breast reduction is needed, there will generally be a circular incision made around the nipple in order to reach the breast tissue for removal. In some cases breast reduction can be achieved through liposuction, the least invasive method of all. This is usually an outpatient procedure, and takes a minimum of time.

Breast reduction and lift achieves life-changing results for patients, but is a more time-consuming and complex operation.


During breast reduction recovery, you’ll need to wear a special sports bra or compression garment for a few days while the inner tissue heals and takes its final shape. During this time, pain can be managed with over the counter medication, and apart from heavy lifting, or stretching the arms over the head, most daily activities will be possible without much trouble.

Learn more about the We Know Beauty approach to breast reduction by scheduling a complimentary consultation or by calling 310-300-1500 now.

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