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We Know Beauty


Neck Lift in Beverly Hills

You no longer have to be unhappy with the appearance of your neckline. We Know Beauty, employing some of the best plastic surgeons in the region, provides life-changing results on one of the most delicate areas of the body. Many women and men find that their necks seem to age faster than the rest of their face. This can include discoloration, a lack of firmness, uneven fat distribution, and a wide-range of other conditions. Most patients come to We Know Beauty for a consultation on a neck lift in Beverly Hills for one or more of the following:

· Loose skin. Too much skin below the neck can cause a person to look older, whether by causing the appearance of rings around the neck or by creating what is known to many as the dreaded "turkey neck" or "turkey waddle." This can happen from dramatic weight loss or through the body's natural response to aging and can't be counteracted through a mini face lift alone.

· Neck banding. This occurs when the muscles of the neck are weak and the skin of the neck appears to fold inward on itself. The lack of smoothness can be a big blow to a person's self-esteem. These folds can often contribute to the appearance of a waddle.

· Jowls. When the back of the jawline disrupts the line of the face, it can be incredibly unflattering. This is a frequent cause of concern for men who are now lacking the strong jaw of their youth or for women who feel that an overly jowly appearance masculinizes them.

· Neck fat. The distribution of fat in the neck can exacerbate any of these other problems or can be cause for concern on its own. Too much fat can hide the jawline completely or can create an unwanted profile that connects the chin to the base of the neck and obscures the throat.

· And more. If you're concerned that the appearance of your neck is unflattering and needs a dramatic revision, consider visiting We Know Beauty for a consultation on a neck lift surgery in Beverly Hills.

Neck Lift Surgery

After discussing with your doctor which ailments most affect your neck's appearance, he or she will straightforwardly discuss a surgical solution. In some cases, liposuction or Botox may help alleviate your prematurely aging neckline; this can easily be discussed with your doctor as can coupling the procedure with other anti-aging techniques like an eyelid surgery or facelift. The neck lift surgery in Beverly Hills with We Know Beauty can remove excess skin, fat, and muscle from the area, effectively restoring a tight and youthful appearance to the face. Glancing at the before and after pictures provided by the board certified plastic surgeons of We Know Beauty shows how powerfully their expert and artistic hands can perform a rejuvenating neck lift.

Yet, for many, the friendly and obliging services handled by We Know Beauty are what impress our patients the most. We offer concierge-like accommodations that provide for every step of the process, from the free initial consultation to discrete transportation and lodging at a post-op facility staffed by nurses who can oversee the recovery process.

We Know Beauty can be reached online or by phone at 310-300-1500 for more information on a neck lift in Beverly Hills.

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