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We Know Beauty

Facelift in Beverly Hills

A lifetime of sun exposure, stress, and gravity can take an incredible toll on a person's face. Deep set wrinkles, unflattering jowls, and unbalanced fat distribution in the face can have many negative effects on a person's appearance; they cause a person to appear unfriendly, constantly tired, and even years older than they actually are. We Know Beauty, a network of world-class physicians and plastic surgeons, believes that a rejuvenating, effective facelift in Beverly Hills can bring back facial beauty and vibrancy.

A facelift surgery can take years off of a person's appearance, restoring a lost sense of attractiveness and self-esteem. Most often, those considering a facelift are somewhere in their forties to sixties, though the procedure can benefits older patients as well. The consultants working for We Know Beauty have met with men and women of all ages who feel that a face lift can help them professionally, romantically, and personally by restoring a weathered sense of self-worth. If you're considering a facelift surgery, Beverly Hills-based office We Know Beauty would love to meet with you.

World-Class Plastic Surgeons

From your first consultation at We Know Beauty, you'll feel completely at ease. We exclusively work with board certified plastic surgeons who have proven themselves worthy of endorsement by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. These doctors are world-renowned not just for their bedside manner and credentials, but also for the incredible results they produce on a regular basis. Their portfolios—full of women and men who have found confidence through subtle yet remarkable results—truly speak for themselves.

When meeting with a We Know Beauty surgeon, you'll get an honest, comforting assessment of your suitability and expectations for a facelift. If your doctor doesn't feel like a facelift is the most appropriate procedure—perhaps your brow and eyes are in great shape and the surgeon believes a neck lift surgery in Beverly Hills would produce an equally gorgeous, drastic change—then he or she will share alternatives. Regardless, the two of you will work together to get the results you want and deserve.

The facelift surgery itself can cover a wide-range of operations, though it always involves pulling back and removing excess facial skin. If necessary, a facelift can be combined with liposuction, an eyelift, injectables, and other procedures to promote an even greater result. An alternative with a faster recovery time is the mini facelift surgery, which doesn't include a neck lift. No matter your choice of procedures, the board certified plastic surgeons of We Know Beauty always use a deliberate and tasteful touch that enhances your natural appearance.

Facelift Surgery

Once you and your doctor have decided on a youth-restoring procedure, the We Know Beauty staff will handle the rest. We Know Beauty's concierge service will book space in the finest local hospital, discrete transportation, and, if requested, a comfortable stay at a luxurious post-surgical recovery center. We'll schedule all necessary follow-up appointments and will closely monitor your recovery so that you get the best results possible from your facelift surgery in Beverly Hills.

Your health and your appearance are in fantastic hands with We Know Beauty. Contact us online or by calling 310-300-1500 to learn more about a facelift from some of the best surgeons Southern California has to offer!

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