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We Know Beauty

Body Contouring

The physicians of We Know Beauty, a medical group with multiple locations around Southern California, have artfully honed their body contouring procedures since forming in 1998.

Body contouring is an umbrella term for any plastic surgery operation that reshapes whole areas of a person's figure. It's performed when a patient feels that fat or excess skin has thrown off the proportions of his or her body. Skilled plastic surgeons can use many tools in order to help sculpt an ideal look; most simply, these include lipolysis, liposuction, and/or skin tightening procedures. These all vary in terms of invasiveness, though they're all generally outpatient procedures. Body contouring in this context can increase skin's tautness, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and minimize excess pockets of fat that throw off a body's natural balance.

More commonly, however, body contouring refers to the surgical removal of loose hanging skin (and sometimes additional fat) after drastic weight loss. Also known as a body lift, it can be done on the whole body, just the upper body, or just the lower body (depending on the patient's concentration of excess skin). Skin after being stretched out due to weight gain loses its elasticity and can hang loose over certain areas of the body. Usually, these are under the arms, chest, stomach, buttocks, and thighs. The lift procedures serve to redress the excess skin here by removing it all and, when fat is still unevenly distributed after weight loss, liposuction can be performed to tighten up the body's contours.

The board certified plastic surgeons of We Know Beauty are caring, compassionate, and experienced. During a complimentary consultation, they will sit down with a patient and thoughtfully and openly discuss expectations, results, and recovery times. Past pictures and digital technology will be used to show what body contouring and body lift before and after can look like, giving future patients a clear picture of what to anticipate.

Call We Know Beauty at 310-300-1500 or visit our contact page to meet with one of our knowledgeable doctors.


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