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We Know Beauty

Revision Plastic Surgery

Revision plastic surgery and the related field of reconstructive surgery are some of the areas in which We Know Beauty provides top quality care.

One of the great drawbacks of plastic surgery is the negative reputation it has in some circles. Those who have not received accurate plastic surgery information often are only familiar with plastic surgery which has “gone wrong.” Consulting top plastic surgeons like us allows you to avoid surgical problems, and achieve great results the first time. However, the fact remains that negative results do occurs. Using our fine-tuned reconstructive surgery skills, we have also become plastic surgery specialists in the related field of revision plastic surgery.

When an accident occurs, patients are taken to a hospital, stabilized and their condition is assessed. At this time, a reconstructive surgeon is sometimes called in to repair the tissue from a cosmetic standpoint. Reconstructive surgery can sometimes be performed years after a disfiguring accident or medical problem. This type of reconstructive surgery is similar in many respects to the relatively new field of revision plastic surgery, in which failed surgery work is corrected, hopefully by a better surgeon, like those at We Know Beauty.

We specialize in revision rhinoplasty, as well as revision breast augmentation and more. In addition to cosmetic corrections, we fix conditions like pain and discomfort brought about by your breast implants, as well as relatively minor, but troubling conditions like inverted nipples. Consult with us about your concerns and find out how different your experience will be when your surgeon is a master craftsperson. We know how to bring out the beauty you intended when you sought surgery.

Call We Know Beauty at 310-300-1500 or visit our contact page to meet with us in person about revision plastic surgery.

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