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We Know Beauty


Forehead Lift in Beverly Hills

Often referred to as a "brow lift," a forehead lift is a cosmetic procedure that tightens and smoothes the forehead, producing a fresher and more youthful appearance. We Know Beauty is known for its ability to provide truly outstanding cosmetic surgery and other health and beauty services, so it makes sense that it has become the place for a forehead lift Beverly Hills and Southern California residents turn to first.

There are many reasons individuals seek out forehead lift surgery. Most patients are people over 40 who are interested in removing such highly visible effects of aging as drooping brows, and less than attractive lines and furrows that can mar even the most attractive face. However, younger patients also sometimes seek out help from We Know Beauty because stress and other issues can lead to forehead lines at an earlier age. In addition, forehead lift surgery can also help to improve the appearance of a naturally low or heavy brow.

In addition, many patients combine forehead lifts with other procedures. Facelift and/or neck lift surgery is sometimes done at the same time as a forehead procedure to create a more youthful and attractive overall appearance. Blepharoplasty (eyelid lifts) are often performed as well, though in some circumstances, a forehead lift can accomplish similar goals to eyelid procedures.

Of course, whatever work is being done, you want to be realistic about the likely outcomes and make sure you understand all the important details about the procedure. You also, of course, want to make sure you are working with the very best plastic surgeons you can find. That's where We Know Beauty comes in.

How is a Forehead Lift Performed?

The surgeons of We Know Beauty are highly experienced with the most up-to-date procedures and techniques for every procedure they carry out. In the case of a forehead lift, the muscles and other tissue that cause furrowing and lines are removed or reduced. In order to hide any scaring, the incision is often made behind the hairline. In some cases, however, the surgeon may use an endoscope, a device that makes it easier for surgeons to perform minimal incisions. This may be especially helpful in the case of bald or balding patients where the hairline may be relatively further back on the head or nonexistent.

Regardless of the surgery, We Know Beauty is the place to have it performed. Whether you obtain a forehead lift, blepharoplasty, a neck lift or facelift surgery, Beverly Hills and greater Los Angeles patients turn to We Know Beauty for the finest quality work.

We Know Beauty – the Difference

Where you go to have cosmetic work done can make an enormous difference. We Know Beauty is comprised of the best plastic surgeons in Southern California, working in conjunction with an outstanding medical and administrative support team that is there for patients throughout the preoperative and recovery process.

When you obtain a forehead lift, Beverly Hills and all of the other Southern California We Know Beauty locations provide detailed support and follow-up before, during, and after the operation. From making sure that patients understand all of the possible health outcomes, to providing help with financing when necessary, to providing detailed follow-up during recovery, the We Know Beauty support team is composed of compassionate professionals who are ready to help at all times.

To learn more about how We Know Beauty can help you to obtain outstanding forehead lift surgery in Beverly Hills or at numerous other locations throughout Southern California, please call 310-300-1500 or visit our contact page.

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