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Surgical Concierge Service

We depend on concierge service when we travel, but how much more crucial is it when we get a cosmetic surgery? We Know Beauty's surgical concierges provide an absolutely unparalleled level of patient service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need assistance or have an important question, someone will be available to deal with the issue in the most expeditious manner possible. Our outstanding concierges are one big reason that We Know Beauty patients feel pampered throughout the plastic surgery process.

The success of our concierges in attending to patients' wishes is no small matter. By taking care of the small details that might otherwise cause undue worry or stress, we ensure that patients are in the best frame of mind possible; an important factor for ensuring a successful medical outcome. We Know Beauty concierges take pride in the outstanding level of premium care they provide and have earned repeated accolades and testimonials from former patients.

How the Surgical Concierge Experience Works

Your surgical concierge will meet with you for an initial consultation to assess your needs and desires and pair you with the right doctor. Our concierges are fully knowledgeable regarding the attributes of each of our doctors, and they understand intuitively which plastic surgeon may be the best fit for any given patient.

Once a patient and a concierge have agreed upon a physician, the concierge will continue to provide assistance and guide the overall process. Such crucial details as pre-surgery clearance, payment arrangements, insurance coordination (where applicable) and, if needed, discrete transportation to and from the site of a procedure will be handled by the concierge. Once the surgery is complete, your surgical concierge will also be in charge of coordinating all post-operative care accommodations such as aftercare facilities, if needed.

We Know Beauty surgical concierges also ensure that all patients are provided with customized recovery kits that provide patients with everything they need for a successful outcome and the smoothest possible transition back to their regular daily routine. This includes detailed instructions on what patients need to be doing in terms of ongoing self-care and any medications that may be required. They will stay in touch with patients throughout the days and weeks that follow to make sure that everything is proceeding appropriately. Naturally, all services provided by our concierge will be handled with complete privacy and discretion; we are committed to protecting the completely confidential nature of any and all services provided by We Know Beauty.

Surgical concierge service is an important part of the We Know Beauty difference. Providing access to some of the world's finest plastic surgeons is obviously crucial for patients, but ensuring that process goes smoothly overall requires a highly qualified and experienced professional. Like our doctors, our surgical concierges are the best of the best.

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