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We Know Beauty

Breast Augmentation Before After

The superior results of breast enhancement, skillfully performed by the board certified surgeons of We Know Beauty, are captured in patients’ breast augmentation before and after photos. There are options for safe and successful methods of breast augmentation, such as cohesive gel implants, popularly known as gummy bear breast implants. The most natural breast augmentation technique implemented by We Know Beauty is the fat transfer for breast enhancement. This method of breast enlargement is highly requested, as patients hoping to achieve fuller, larger breasts might also be interested in sliming and shaping other portions of the body. As the incisions made for this augmentation are tiny and subtle, many We Know Beauty patients are proud to share their breast augmentation before and after photos when the results are clearly visible.

This augmentation is a two-phase process. During the first stage, the We Know Beauty surgeon harvests excess fat from targeted portions of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, lower back, and other designated areas. This process is normally completed in two to three hours, depending on the number of areas treated. The surgical team then purifies the gathered cells of any blood or oils that might inhibit the fat from thriving in the breast region. Droplet-sized amounts are then injected in the breast at specific points to yield the desired look. The fact that the patient’s own fat is used in the procedure reduces the risk for complications in breast augmentation recovery.

The patient and those she chooses to share her breast augmentation before and after photos with are awe-struck by the natural-looking, newly formed breasts, courtesy of We Know Beauty. To schedule a complimentary consultation for breast augmentation, contact We Know Beauty today at 310-300-1500.

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