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Facelift Scars

When it comes to plastic surgery, the best results require the best board certified physicians. Hiding and minimizing facelift scars so that they are all but invisible – and correcting any scars that may have been left earlier – requires both vast skill and the touch of a fine artist. That’s one excellent reason patients who expect the very best turn to We Know Beauty. This network of the leading board certified plastic surgeons in Southern California features practitioners who are truly the best of the best.

The same concerns that apply to facelift are, of course, often true for other plastic surgeries. The highly skilled physicians of We Know Beauty are expert at keeping scarring to a minimum, and can also help reduce them where others may have done less expert work. Breast augmentation scars are often hidden in the folds of skin where they can’t be seen. However, they need to be kept small enough that they “fit” in that very tiny space. Tummy tuck scars are less easy to hide, so the goal is to make them so small and minor that they are extremely difficult, if not close to impossible, for laypeople to spot.

Not surprisingly, scarring of all types tends to be somewhat more obvious immediately after surgery, but the visibility of scars usually tend to diminish greatly during the extended cosmetic surgery recovery process. Revision work to correct scars that have resulted either from unavoidable issues, or from less than stellar work by a less skilled surgeon, can be handled in a number of ways.

Whether you are concerned about preventing or correcting facelift scars or any other type of scarring related to cosmetic procedures, We Know Beauty is the place for patients who expect the very best. For further information call our phone number or visit our contact page.

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