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Gummy Bear Breast Implants Cost

While gummy bear breast implants cost can sometimes be more than silicone or saline implants, their benefits are already attested to by the thousands of women who received them during clinic trials. The gummy bear breast implants were approved by the FDA in early 2012, following several years of successful trial surgeries. Manufacturer Sientra, Inc. has taken precautions by only making the new form-holding silicone implants available to board certified plastic surgeons, such as the resident physicians of We Know Beauty. When the woman seeking a breast augmentation compares gummy bear breast implants cost with the price of other augmentation methods and materials, she should take into account these safety measures and the added durability provided with these new implants.

Leading surgeons champion these cohesive breast implants, emphasizing both the durability and buoyancy of the material. Like the gummy bear candy, the implant holds shape even upon being cut open. However, the implants also give the enhanced breasts a natural feel. While the cohesive gel breast implants require long-term monitoring like other implants, few women who received a pair during the clinical trials report rupture or other complications. The test period proves that the form-holding implants are safe and effective overall. The experienced and skilled panel of surgeons at We Know Beauty is here to relay your breast augmentation options, taking into account the gummy bear breast implants cost and success rate. Our doctors will also discuss the follow-up required in the future to preserve the fabulous results of your breast augmentation.

Contact the cosmetic surgery professionals at We Know Beauty today to arrange a complimentary consultation, 310-300-1500. You may also visit our online appointment request page.

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