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Natural Breast Enlargement

There are many reasons why a person considering a breast augmentation would take advantage of a more natural breast enlargement method. Although the patient is not left with evident scars when she receives a breast augmentation with implants at We Know Beauty, any marks left from the fat transfer breast enlargement method are extremely tiny and unnoticeable. Additionally, when the individual chooses natural breast enlargement, she sidesteps the possibility of rupture and leakage that is typically associated with saline-filled implants. The last benefit, which is appealing to many We Know Beauty clients, is that the patient can improve the look of other portions of her body through natural breast augmentation. This is the main reason We Know Beauty clients often opt for the fat grafting process over the safe, natural looking breast implants made of cohesive silicone gel.

Through a fat transfer to the breasts, the association of elite, board certified surgeons of We Know Beauty not only makeover the breasts, but expertly sculpt the client’s overall physique. With liposuction, the patient may eliminate the persistent pocket of belly fat that is seemingly resolved to remain even after rigorous exercise and strict diets. The patient may also rid him or herself of hanging fat on other body parts. Once the fat cells are harvested and refined, the We Know Beauty surgeon introduces droplet-sized amounts of the processed fat to the breasts. At the conclusion of natural breast enlargement recovery, the client will celebrate the results of her personalized cosmetic surgery.

To find out if you are a candidate for a natural breast enlargement from the trusted surgeons of We Know Beauty, call 310-300-1500 today to set up a free consultation.

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