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Types of Breast Implants

For years, breast enlargement has remained one of the most popular surgeries among women seeking expert cosmetic enhancement from We Know Beauty. However, most of our prospective patients come in with a variety of questions regarding the various types of breast implants.

Like other top-ranked facilities, the types of breast implants offered at We Know Beauty include saline and silicone. Saline and silicone breast implants have quite a bit in common, as both are silicone outer sacks filled with non-toxic fluid. Silicone is a more viscous fluid that imitates human fat, while saline is sterile salt water that is pumped into the implant after insertion.

Cosmetic surgery is always a serious matter, though it can be a particularly sensitive issue when a patient requires breast reconstruction surgery. A common procedure following a mastectomy, a breast reconstruction performed by a We Know Beauty surgeon seeks to restore the near normal shape, appearance and size of a breast or breasts that has been severely misshapen. In every case, our patients are grateful for the empathy and consummate professionalism offered by every member of the We Know Beauty team,

Regardless of the procedure each of our patients chooses, breast reconstruction, breast enlargement or breast augmentation recovery time among We Know Beauty patients is always observed closely by our cosmetic surgery specialists. We Know Beauty patients enjoy an unparalleled level of satisfaction with every procedure. For in-depth information regarding types of breast implants or queries regarding which breast procedure is right for you, contact We Know Beauty today for a complimentary initial consultation.

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