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What is a Mommy Makeover

As a woman and a mother, you have probably heard of a mommy makeover or may have been considering plastic surgery after pregnancy. The talented doctors at We Know Beauty understand how pregnancy can take a toll on a woman's body and offer a makeover procedure that can delicately reverse this physical transformation. We call this procedure a mommy makeover and it truly requires the expertise of a gifted surgeon.

What is a mommy makeover? A mommy makeover can include a combination of the following with the purpose to restore (or improve on) the pre-pregnancy body:

· Liposuction

· Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

· Breast Augmentation

· Breast Lift

· And any other procedure that will help sculpt feminine curves.

The particulars of what is a mommy makeover for each woman will vary, depending on her unique circumstances. She may not want or require some of the procedures; after all, the effect of pregnancy on a woman's body can differ wildly.

At We Know Beauty, we pride ourselves on our life-changing mommy makeover procedures. You may ask, what is a mommy makeover from We Know Beauty's benefits compared to any other plastic surgeon in Los Angeles? Well, We Know Beauty is a collaborative effort between a group of Los Angeles' most gifted cosmetic surgeons. That means your mommy makeover will draw from the collective experience of experts in abdominoplasty, body contouring, facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, and much more.

If you're not quite convinced, feel free to come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our surgeons. There, you can see mommy makeover before and after photos, discuss cost and recovery, and ask any lingering questions that remain.

Call We Know Beauty today by calling 310-300-1500.

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